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Founded in 1705, Bath is North Carolina’s first town, recently celebrating its 300th anniversary. The original town limits are the boundaries of a National Register historic district.

The pirate Blackbeard figured prominently during the town's earliest days. The famous rogue lived on Plum Point, which came to also be known as "Teach's Point," after Blackbeard’s real name, Edward Teach. Bath is also well-known as the inspiration for the Broadway show and motion picture "Show Boat."

One of Bath's claims to fame is being the oldest incorporated municipality in and the first port of entry to North Carolina. The town came into being in 1705, seven years before Beaufort County was formed. Another claim to fame, or infamy in this case, is that it likely was home to Blackbeard the pirate, also known as Edward Teach, or some variation thereof.

Bath is situated just off the Pamlico River and between Bath and Back creeks. Residents and visitors alike may learn about one of the state's most historic towns by taking advantage of what the Historic Bath State Historic Site has to offer. Many programs at the site take people back to colonial times, showing how people dressed, ate, worked and enjoyed themselves in those days. Visitors have opportunities to learn about several historic structures, including the 1751 Palmer-Marsh House and the 1830 Bonner House. The 1790 Van Der Veer House is open daily and features exhibits on Bath's early history and the restoration movement led by Edmund Harding in the 1950s. Also, the site's visitor center offers a short film, shown on request, that traces Bath's history from the days of Blackbeard into the 21st century.

Bath Quick Info

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  • Population: 249
  • Size: 1.1 square miles
  • Telephone: 252-923-0212
  • Zip Code: 27808
  • Mayor
  • Jimmy Latham
  • Board of Commissioners
  • John Taylor
  • Jay Hardin
  • Keith Tankard
  • Patricia Duffer
  • Town Administrator
  • Bubs Carson

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